Devblog #1 – OneTaskADay

So, I’ve been working on this game for…well…let’s just say a while now, but this year during the Christmas break I did a reset of it (probably reset #14335232 at this point, but I digress) – and started following the #OneTaskADay methodology for working on the game:

Since then, things have been progressing fairly well – the point that I’m not quite ready to unveil the game concept yet, but there are enough interesting things that I’m discovering along the way, and topics that might be useful to other folks on their own #gamedev journeys.

So…here’s a new attempt to devblog the process – if there are any topics that you find interesting or would like me to go into more detail on, hit me up on twitter! (@gekido)

Until next time – happy #gamedev and stay safe in these crazy times