Unity expert, senior tech lead, producer. Helped found the Made with Unity content team, worked with Oats Studios on Adam 2 / 3 shorts, Disney Television Animation on the ‘Baymax Dreams’ shorts, which recently received a Technical Emmy for Unity in 2018. If Unity showed it off during an event from 2017 until 2021, there’s a good chance I was involved in it.

  • cross-discipline startup expert. Helped launch and build several studios and teams from 1-150+ people in size.
  • Tech Producer / Tech Artist with expertise in managing production teams and delivering results on time, on budget.
  • Free 2 Play Designer, Producer, specializes in content pipelines and monetization strategies.
  • One-person game studio (audio / 2d & 3d content / animation / engineering / back-end systems)

Available for consulting – get in touch if you’d like to chat! 

Dystopia Punk

Dystopia Punk is a 3rd person 1-4 player co-op free 2 play game, where players take on the role of an up and coming cyberpunk on the streets of a near-future city.

Currently have a WiP page over on at

I’m working on the Steam page as well to allow for wishlisting etc. Coming soon…

Combat Spec Ops

CSO is a third person retro multiplayer shooter with classic multiplayer game modes like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Free for All, Bomb Disposal and more! Battle your friends in fast-paced third person action

Free Dive

During the recent Level 99 Game Jam (from April 14-24th) I created a small ‘zen free diving’ game called simply Free Dive.

The full free game is available over on

Hope you enjoy it!

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Github (tons of open-source packages and libraries that I’ve created for Unity) – or

Many of the above Unity packages are also hosted over on OpenUPM – I’m proud to help contribute & sponsor the initiative and use the service daily in almost every project that I work on.